Serge MOUILLE (1922-1988) Lampe à poser "Cocotte", circa 1957, base bipode formée d'un élément tubulaire laqué noir formant V d'où s'élève latéralement le fût tubulaire coudé en V asymétrique en métal laqué noir, supportant une calotte ovoïde, laquée noir à l'extérieur et blanc à l'intérieur, mobile sur une rotule en laiton. Haut. 36 cm - Larg. 20,5 cm - Prof. 37 cm

  • Bibliographie : - Pierre-Émile Pralus, "Serge Mouille, un classique français", Les Éditions du Mont Thou, Saint-Cyr au Mont d'Or, 2006, modèle reproduit p. 206. - Alan-Christine Counord, "Serge Mouille Luminaires, 1953-1962", Galerie 1950 Éditeur, modèle reproduit p. 41. - Catalogue de l'exposition "Lumières je pense à vous", Éditions du Centre Pompidou et éditions Hermès, 1985, modèle reproduit p. 153 référencé sous le n° 238.

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The buyer may collect purchased lots only after all amounts due to TAJAN have been paid (hammer price plus buyer's premium and any applicable taxes and costs).
In accordance with Article 14 of French Act no. 2000-642 of July 10th 2000,
if the successful bidder fails to pay for an item after the issuance of a formal
demand that remains without effect, the item shall be re-auctioned at the
seller's request. If the price of the new bid is lower than the original false
bidder's price, the false bidder shall pay the difference. If the seller does not
make such a request within one month of the auction, the sale shall be
cancelled by operation of law, without prejudice to the damages payable by
the false bidder.
Tajan reserves the right to claim the following from the false bidder:
- interest at the statutory rate,
- the reimbursement of the additional costs incurred by reason of his/her
- payment of the sale price or:
- the difference between this price and the resale price if the latter is
lower, as well as the costs incurred in relation with the re-auction.
- the difference between this price and the original false bidder's price
if the latter is lower, as well as the costs incurred by the re-auction.
Tajan also reserves the right to offset any amounts which the false bidder
owes to it.
Tajan reserves the right to ban any bidder who fails to comply with its general
terms and conditions of sale from attending any future auction.

Items that are not claimed within 14 calendar days of the auction will be moved to a third party warehouse at the buyer's risk and expense.

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