Asia awakens at Tajan on April 12, 2023


Blossoming buds are slowly taking over the landscape. In Japan, the tradition of hanami, which is the celebration of cherry blossoms and the awakening of nature, is honoured between March and April. Tajan’s Asian Art Department is also participating in the spring festivities with its first Asian Art sale of the year on Wednesday, April 12. The auction will include lots from across the Asian continent: Korea, Japan, China, Himalayas, Mongolia, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand.



Korean Painting and Stoneware


A number of Korean ceramics, both stoneware and porcelain, will open the sale. This series of stoneware and glazed porcelain ceramics, dating from the Goryeo (918 – 1392) and Joseon (1392-1910) periods, embodies the diversity of forms and colours of Korean ceramics production: blue and white, blue and red, celadon and monochrome backgrounds, vases, bowls, ginger pots, plates, droppers and even cushions. One can appreciate the fineness of the flowering branches, the delicate imperfection of the drips and the softness of the glazes.


Lot 13
Rectangular and curved ceramic pillow with black and white chased enamels on a celadon background.
Korea, late Koryo period – early Choseon period, 14th century.
2000 € – 4000 €



Lot 28
A white celadon porcelain bottle vase with an octagonal body.
Korea, Choseon period, 18th century.
4000 € – 6000 €



Korean painting will also feature prominently in the sale. Two large Buddhist paintings from the 19th century will be presented as representative of the pictorial tradition of large assemblies of deities and ambrosia paintings in Korea.


Lot 47
Large polychrome painting on canvas, representing the Amitabha triad on a blue background
Korea, 19th century.
1500 € – 2000 €



Lot 48
Large horizontal ink and polychrome painting on paper, representing Indra, king of the gods, surrounded by ten protective deities.
Korea, 19th century.
1000 € – 1500 €



Japanese Refinements


The Japanese section will present a wide range of objects, from porcelain to bronzes, lacquered and gilded wood, paintings and textiles. Particularly noteworthy is a large series of nearly one hundred boxwood and ivory netsuke. These objects, together with the inro boxes, are humorous and intriguing testimonies to traditional Japanese daily life; they illustrate trades, animals, objects, fruits and vegetables, deities, monsters and other demons. A few pieces of armour and weapons will also be on display, including an iron menpô mask from the early Edo period (1603-1868) in the Etchu-bo style, characteristic of the Iwai school founded by the great blacksmith Iwai Yozaemon, who lived at the end of the Momoyama period and the beginning of the Edo period (end of the 16th century and beginning of the 17th century). Iwai was noticed by the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. This section closes with a large six-leaf byobu screen decorated with delicate coloured court scenes.


Lot 100
Wooden netsuke, representing a standing Dutchman.
Japan, late 18th-early 19th century.
1500 € – 2500 €



Lot 128
Ivory netsuke, representing a snail moving inside a section of bamboo.
Japan, 19th century. Signed.
150 € – 250 €



Lot 75
Natural iron menpo mask of the Ressei type, Etchu-bo style
Japan, Iwai school, early Edo period, 17th century.
2000 € – 3000 €



Lot 65
Six leaves byobu screen in ink, polychrome and gilding on paper.
Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912).
3000 € – 4000 €




China for all preferences


The section dedicated to China will showcase porcelain, jade, ivory, paintings, textiles, wooden objects, a few of them lacquered, and furniture. The sculptor Gaston Hauchecorne is also present in the sale. His terracotta sculptures portrays men in assembly, laughing, calligraphying, chatting or even mincing.


Lot 360
Celadon nephrite jade pendant representing a ‘Chang yi zi sun’ plaque
China, circa 1900.
1300 € – 1500 €



Lot 320
Assembly of Chinese
Terracotta print, inscribed on the terrace.
400 € – 600 €





Discover the “Asian Arts” auction

Auction on April 12, 2023 at 1:30 pm CEST
Espace Tajan, 37 rue des Mathurins 75008 Paris



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Director of the Asian Arts Department
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