Barbarian and Ethnic: Strength and Simplicity… René Boivin

From the same private collection, these two pieces of jewellery in vermeil and amethysts tell us the beautiful story of the “René Boivin style”. Whenever I have been asked about the identity of this style, it is very often this type of jewellery made of simple materials with expressive and elegant shapes that comes to my mind.

There are two sources of inspiration for these jewelleries: mrs. Jeanne Boivin and her pronounced interest for the Antique and Medieval taste and that of her great draughtswoman Mrs. Suzanne Belperron who knew how to capture the vibration of abstract art and to associate it with the productions of ethnic art.

Indeed, this medieval bracelet is a tribute to the Assyrian, Celtic and Merovingian jewels forming the great family of “barbarian jewels”, while the important horn clip in amethysts is a masterly reinvention of the African jewel, undoubtedly inspired by a Beninese bracelet.






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