Our Asian Art department, directed by Déborah Teboul experienced a great 2006 year. The Asian arts market enjoyed the foreign buyers' enthouisiasm (English and mostly Chinese). Chinese arts have been prevailing over the ones from Japan, Corea and South-Est of Asia.

Our best sales since 2006 :

Molded porcelain brush support blue enamel on a white base pattern with five-claw dragons, in the middle of clouds, forming a three-hill mountain. Horizontal note under the base with six kaishu letters.
China, Wanli period (1573-1619).
Width. 16 cm

Est.  3 500/4 000euros
Sold  38 229 euros

on December 15th, 2007


Pear-shaped ewer with white porcelain and blue pattern from a 15th century exemplary that inspired from Persian silversmith's trade.
China, Qianlong period (1736-1795).
Height. 27,5 cm

Est.  12 000/15 000 euros
Sold  27 130 euros

on December 15th, 2007


Beautiful circular box with vermilion lacquer. Sculpted decoration showing clouds on a red base, the top is set with a big dragon in the center with an open and threatening jaw.

Est.  20 000/25 000 euros
Sold  98 657 euros

on December 15th, 2007


Baluster-shaped white porcelain vase, Width neck decorated with camaieu blue showing a deer family drinking in a lake under a Widthevity pine tree. Six blue letters under the base. China, QianWidth period (1736-1795).
Height. 68 cm

Est. 4 000/5 000 euros
Sold 253 594 euros
on June 12th, 2007


Beautiful panoramic painting showing a lively market with strollers. From right to left : the fortune- teller, the antiquarian, the rooster owner , jugglers, monk infront of a Buddhist gong, the doll merchant, the fruit merchant, the monkey exhibitor, a kite, tha lantern merchant. Ink and gouache on silk.
Work of the painter DING GUAN PENG, signed, dated from the ninth year of the emperor Qianlong's reign (1745).

Est. 15 000/20 000 euros
Solde 482 298 euros
on June 12th, 2007


White porcelain platter with blue enamel. Foliate edge in relief surrounding a circular pattern.

Sold 1 656 250 euros
on June 12th, 2007


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