Fernand Léger, František Kupka, Bernard Buffet, Pablo Picasso… for sale on June 6, 2023


Impressionist & Modern Art Auction
Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 7pm at Tajan in Paris

Beautiful Evening Sale


On June 6, the Impressionist and Modern Art department will hold its beautiful evening sale. The sale will feature the greatest artists of the first half of the 20th century such as Fernand Léger, František Kupka, Bernard Buffet, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Domínguez as well as two of the major figures of the Post-Impressionist movement in France, Achille Laugé and Gustave Loiseau.

A chapter of the sale will feature the work of Leopold Survage with a dozen works from 1919 to 1960. Oil, gouache, pencil and even casein will allow us to rediscover the artist’s stylistic evolution and his involvement in the history of modern art.


Léopold Survage, born in Sturzwage in 1879, began his artistic training in his native Moscow, where he had a profound admiration for the Impressionist period and in particular for the work of Paul Cézanne, which he discovered in the Morozov collections. In 1908, he stayed in Paris, where he developed an increasingly abstract reading of figures, culminating in the invention of Rythmes colorés.

Confronted with emerging artistic movements such as Fauvism and Cubism, Léopold Survage befriended their leaders, Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Fernand Léger, whose influence is notable in his work. In the 1910s, Leopold Survage experimented with Cubism and produced one of his major works, La Ville (1913-1914). The influence of Cubism on the artist was also revealed in his exploitation of other mediums including collage but also casein (Vue de Port-Vendres lot 27 and Poissons lot 28).

In the 1920s, his style evolved. He tended towards more abstraction, notably with the deconstruction of space and the simultaneous representation of several points of view (Ville à l’oiseau lot 25). Between 1925 and 1932, he made several trips to Collioure like other artists before him, including Henri Matisse and André Derain. There, he discovered this tender and gentle side of the Mediterranean realm. These paintings are mostly painted with precision in watercolour on panels coated with a slightly plastery preparation, Vue de Port-Vendres (lot 27). While other paintings from this period are imbued with a Paul Cézanne heritage (Rue du village lot 26), a painter he admired early in his career.

The works in this section begin in 1919, the year Léopold Survage returned to Paris. Leaving behind the pink and orange palette of his previous years, the artist moved closer to the other Cubists by using duller colours such as black, olive, grey and brown tones, as in the work we are presenting, entitled Maisons (lot 22).

Through the works presented in this chapter, the evolution of Léopold Survage’s artistic style becomes clearer over time, although he moved away from Cubism to other artistic movements such as abstraction. His involvement in this twentieth-century movement remains major and has earned him an important place among the great names of modern art.




Oil on canvas ; signed lower left
31 X 39 CM • 12 1/4 X 15 3/8 IN.

20 000 / 30 000 €





Gouache on paper; signed and dated ’21’ lower left
32 X 22 CM • 12 5/8 X 8 5/8 IN.

15 000 / 20 000 €





Casein on panel; signed and dated ’27’ lower right
38 X 46 CM • 15 X 18 1/8 IN.

8 000 / 12 000 €





Oil on canvas; signed and dated ’57’ lower right
81 X 65 CM • 31 7/8 X 25 5/8 IN.

15 000 / 20 000 €





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Impressionist & Modern Art Sale

Tuesday 6 June 2023 at 7 pm




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