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As a passionate collector of Modern and Contemporary Art and Design, in addition to our well-established auction business, I also place increasing efforts to make TAJAN a destination place for discovery and defense of art. At THE GALLERY, we host innovative cultural events and bring together all those who create, defend and love art: artists, collectors, curators and gallerists.

As early as 2004, we initiated and hosted regularly at Tajan the program “The Artist and his Supporters”. This program brought together during unique events many of those creating, defending and promoting innovative art and design: artists, designers, curators, collectors, gallerists and journalists. This early program has now evolved and greatly developed leading to the creation of a separate entity and brand, The Gallery. Through artist focused and thematic exhibitions presented several times a year, The Gallery has now become a creative trendsetter. It is now a rich source to discover in Paris local and international new, emerging talent and rediscover overlooked or forgotten artistic movements and individual artists.

Over The Golden Gate (October 2016)

First semester 2020

PORTRAITS FOREVER - Exhibition February 25 - May 15, 2020

Our “Portraits Forever” exhibition takes a his - torical approach to portraiture, starting with Old Masters, such as Giovanni Battista Ca - racciolo, continuing into Modernism including Picabia and leading to Contemporary artists, from established, older ones to the most re - cent, promising ones such as Adrian Ghenie and Patrizio di Massimo. The portrait is the artist’s ultimate test because it requires the complete blending of exterior visual imagery with the expression of people’s innermost personal feelings. A successful portrait fuses seemlessly artistic and conceptual mastery and is an absolute celebration of painting

ELLA KRUGLYANSKAYA (Born in 1978) FACE ON PAPER ROLL, 2019 - Oil on linen - 353/8 x 393/8 in.

KAYE DONACHIE (Born in 1970) SORROW LIKE CEASELESS RAIN, 2012 - Oil on canvas - 161/2 x 113/4 in.​​​​​​​

Exhibition : Spring 2020

Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm, with appointment

Espace Tajan, 37 rue des mathurins, 75008 Paris

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We are pleased to invite you for a viewing of our current special selection of artists we believe in and defend strongly.

We are looking forward to welcoming you from Monday to Friday from 10 to 6 pm at Espace Tajan, 37 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris.

Mathieu Cherkit, Marc Desgrandchamps, Simon Martin, Dona Nelson, Eva Nielsen.

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Second semester 2019

DONA NELSON : DAYS, TEXTURES AND PATTERNS - Exhibition October 11-20, 2019

We are happy and proud to present for the first time in Paris DONA NELSON.

Dona Nelson : Days, Textures and Patterns presents works of the last four decades and demonstrates clearly the breath and inventivity of her influential body of work. From the magnificent figurative works of the 80’s depicting the daily life around her, this artists’ artist moved on to develop a unique vocabulary fusing painting and sculpture, as well as figuration, pop and abstraction. Her unique imagination and bold experimentation extend to the use of materials such as oils, acrylics, cheesecloth and modelling paste, playing a significant role in shaping the direction of the New York abstraction.

Dona’s incessant experimentation with color, texture and materials culminated with her sculptural two sided paintings and ultimately her box paintings. She uses both sides of untreated canvases, staining, soakings, painting and stitching and often adding strips of coloured fabric or painted string to add texture and create unusual patterns. Dona also allows paint to seep through the canvas and then builds the surfaces over time by pouring, scraping, adding new elements and allowing time and nature to contribute to her singular imagination.

Exhibition : October 11-20 October, 2010

Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm / Evening opening 17 until 9pm

Espace Tajan, 37 rue des mathurins, 75008 Paris

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THE COLOR OF LIGHT - Exhibition September 11-20, 2019

We are proud to begin our fall season, 2019 with “The color of light” featuring Christine Safa and Simon Martin.

Christine Safa succeeded in creating powerful, minimalist, almost abstract works which explode with light and touch our deepest emotions. The embedded figurative element that emerges from the picture’s surface divides and simultaneously unites the abstract planes that superbly synthesize some of our world’s main elements: earth, sky and sea. Christine’s use of marble powder succeeds in creating three-dimensional works almost sculptural which are monuments to the universality of our various cultures while also illustrating clearly her personal Lebanese history. Christine conveys admirably the inimitable light and heat of Lebanon and makes a strong statement for the universality of painting 

Simon Martin breaks the planes through shapes, color and texture and alternatively hides and highlights different parts of the human body. His singular works are suffused with many symbols while remaining highly mysterious. The unique use of texture accentuates the hidden meaning and challenges the viewer. Simon’s intensely charged work also underscores the power and universality of painting as a way to best convey ideas and emotions. 

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First semester 2019

PEINTURE & SCULPTURE, FRANCE-ROUMANIE - Exhibition January 31 - March 12, 2019

In honor of the year France-Romania, Tajan The Gallery is pleased to host the exhibition « Peinture & Sculpture, France - Roumanie » and we are inviting you to view this exhibition starting, Thursday, January 31 at 10 AM.

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Second semester 2018

THE HUNGARIAN AVANT-GARDE - Third Generation - Exhibition October 15-21, 2018

In October, at Tajan ArtStudio, we continue our “trailblazing journey” through the less known art jewels of Eastern Europe. After our well known, pioneering role in uncovering and promoting the post-war Romanian artists and the “Cluj Miracle”, we are delighted to present for the first time in Paris a selected group of exceptional and very different post-war Hungarian artists : Imre Bak, György Jovánovics, Ilona Keserü et István Nádler.

The pre-war Hungarian Modernism, in painting, sculpture and photography, is known worldwide by the art community and the fairly recent Moholy-Nagy retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York reminded us vividly of the significant role played from the earliest part of the 20th century by the Hungarian born pioneers. However, with the onset of the dark, iron curtain throughout Eastern Europe, the world was not well aware that the torch of this extraordinary Modernism was carried on in Hungary by another group of superb artists. We invite you to discover their exceptional talent and each artist’s uniqueness, while creating at the same time and under similar historical and political constraints.

Imre Bak’s work had a purely geometric approach at the start and developed to incorporate figurative elements and a strong, luminous pop content. Jovánovics’ unique work defies characterisation and his structural, three dimensional approach blends seamlessly minimalist, geometric, monochromatic painting with sculpture. Ilona Keserü, the only woman in this group, created courageously her own path, molding the canvas to suit her needs and giving it clearly an organic, sexual flavor. István Nádler started with an elegant pop geometry and evolved to incorporate in the 80’s abstract expressionist and lyrical abstraction characteristics and again recently came back to a more geometric, minimalist approach.

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FOREVER POP : EVELYNE AXELL / HUBERT LE GALL - Exhibition September 14-27, 2018

Continuing our tradition of blending art and design, we are proud to begin our fall season, 2018 with “Forever Pop” featuring Evelyne Axell, a major Belgian artist who passed away in 1972 and Hubert Le Gall, a young French designer creating today.

During her very short life, brusquely interrupted by a car accident, she was counselled by her family’s friend René Magritte and succeeded in establishing a strong imprint within the exceptional pop period of the 60’s. Her work highlights the emancipation of female sexuality and fully integrates into painting the possibilities offered by new materials such as plastic. Axell’s works are just as fresh and contemporary today, as when they were created in the 1960’s. Her artistic voice stands out even within the context of the overall revolutionary work created internationally in the 60’s. It exudes a strong sense of female confidence unknown before and a refreshing sexual liberation and hedonism.

Axell’s work succeeded in captivating the interest of today’s French pop designer Hubert Le Gall and inspired him to select for this exhibition a group of remarkable works which generate an exciting dialog with works created half a century earlier by a pop, pioneering female artist. In today’s overcrowded design field, Le Gall’s works stand out clearly and strongly through their sense of humor, elegant pop content and superb materials and execution.

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First semester 2018

BUCHAREST - NEW YORK - PARIS - A personel voyage - Exhibition April 9-13, 2018

Tajan ArtStudio presents the selling-exhibition "Bucharest - New york - Paris, A personal voyage". An intimate exhibition, representative of the Rodica Seward's personal life. Some artists have been selected by the business woman, like Richard Aldrich, Victor Man, Farah Atassi, Adrian Ghenie, Mircea Suciu, Eva Nielsen, Georges Tony Stoll...

"Given the many artists I love and defend from many countries, it was difficult to select, but I decided to focus now particularly on a limited group of French and Romanian artists, in parallel with the various events dedicated currently to the “Year France-Roumanie”. As soon as I took the reins at Tajan fourteen years ago and have decided to search for, identify and defend innovative artists, my team and I have also decided to support as much as possible French artists, particularly painters. My love of art and painting and thirst for discovery led me back to Romania and the early support of the group of artists from Cluj and Bucharest which have now become famous on the international contemporary stage." Rodica Seward

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Second semester 2017 - Schedule

MATHIEU CHERKIT - Daily Wonders - Exhibition October 13-22, 2017

From 13th to 22th October, Tajan ArtStudio presents the figurative painter Mathieu Cherkit. He'll show his familiar places, his wonder daily life...


Mathieu Cherkit at home.

Mathieu Cherkit is a resolutely figurative painter who enjoys standing his easel (or whatever serves the same purpose) directly before the subject he wants to paint. He is “in nature” and thus takes on the exercise of painting by one of its fundamentals:  central perspective, the technique which was codified beginning in the Renaissance. The choice of placement and of point of view is the important act which decides the structure of the future painting. What will appear on the canvas will be the reduction of that which the artist, in this location, retains from reality. Liberated from the concern of composition, he can concentrate on the specific and personal manner in which he will elaborate the work.  He can at any moment verify that the volume, light, and colours are in harmony, but also that the sentiments which the subject evoke in him are sufficiently well expressed. Yet, he knows exceedingly well the nooks and cranny of the family home in which he has lived since his youth. This millstone pavilion from the 1880’s, with its veranda, its staircase, its rooms where the past has left so many marks, its garden et its trees over a hundred years old, with their overwhelming and protective foliage, constitute the artist’s astonishing pictorial universe. With every step in this hive of activity, Mathieu Cherkit catches a glipse of a multitude of potential paintings all nourished by the honey of such a boundless feeling of tenderness
. Jean Brolly 

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LIGHT HUNTERS - Exhibition September 22-29, 2017

We are proud to begin our fall season, 2017 by returning to Cluj, the now mythical city in Romania which during the past ten years has become a well known and highly respected source for generating contemporary talent. After being a pioneer in helping discover and promote “Cluj” and what it represents, we are delighted to feature now two exceptional young artists, Robert Fekete and Sergiu Toma who are focusing on the magic and ephemeral power of light.


Robert Fekete is concerned with what he calls a “fake romanticism”. He draws his inspiration from art history, and from artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Edvard Munch or Michelangelo Pistoletto. His work focuses on people and nature, on people and certain situations, on the distance between desire and possibility. More recently, he became interested in the idea of projection, light and visionary. His paintings show subjects constantly caught in the act of being spectators, rather than being active participants.


The presumably “casual” scenes of Sergiu Toma seem interlocked with partially remembered dreams, where the beholder’s viewpoint becomes an integral part of the painting. An atmosphere of nostalgia and mystery is inherent in Sergiu’s images; familiar objects carry symbolic meanings and non-human forms are often used as objects of displacement, to bring up issues that cannot be expressed forthrightly.

ArtistsRobert Fekete - Sergiu Toma

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First semester, 2017 - Schedule

KARL HORST HÖDICKE, Ich Bin Ein Berliner - February, 2017

Tajan ArtStudio presents an exhibition entitled "Ich bin in Berliner".

Considered a precursor of neo-expressionism, Karl-Horst Hödicke is the “father” of the New Fauves, an artistic movement that participates in the revival of German art in the 1980s. 

The history of the German capital was revealed throughout his work. Karl-Horst Hödicke is extremely attached to this city: "For me, the one who travels the world in search of a particular place, will inevitably land in Berlin. I think you can always see in the city what I have tried to show in my paintings ".


Karl Horst Hödicke

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Second semester, 2016 - Schedule

OVER THE GOLDEN GATE, 1960-1990 - Exhibition October 20-28, 2016

Tajan ArtStudio presents artists from different cultures, often giving them international exposure, even before they are fully appreciated in their own countries. In October, in parallel with FIAC, we have decided to host an important exhibition entitled “Over the Golden Gate, 1960-1990” wich will honor major artists active during this period in San Francisco and the Bay area.




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ART & DESIGN SANS FRONTIERES - Exhibition September 8-20, 2016

"Tajan ArtStudio has set as its mission the presentation of a wide variety of art  and artists with the goal of capturing the depth and intensity of an experience, rather than focusing solely on commercial success..." Jean-Jacques Wattel




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