A new experience for art lovers : innovation on behalf of auctions !

The Parisian auction house TAJAN offers a new service to art lovers. Since the 1st of July, TAJAN released on valuation art market a new (and the first) mobile art valuations app. It allows the users to be in direct touch with an expert and specialist team to value quickly and freely their goods and artworks.

Thanks to an intuitive and an easy to use design, the app provides a simple and nomad way to estimate your goods (Contemporary Art, Modern Art and Old Master Paintings, furniture, watches, jewels…). Taking example on private sale mobile apps, TAJAN ART VALUATIONS provides a tracking of your valuation with app alerts and a dedicated « My Estimate » feature with your estimate that can lead to an auction sale with us, following our auction schedule. Wherever you are, TAJAN ART VALUATIONS allows you, with a simple photograph, to benefit of a professionnal estimation. Although our app shortens the distance between submission and valuation, you’ll enjoy the same high standards Tajan has built its name on.

In providing this new service, the French auction house continue to affirm its will to democratize auctions to a large public. It is also a first step into the improvement and digitalisation of expertise services. In fact, Tajan had already developped some years ago a 100% digital valuation form. Its success pushed the auction house to go further in the dematerialised valuation process.

This ambition to boost the market by technological innovations and the will to provide new services adapted to a new way of life is not new in Tajan. The auction house was already recognized as a pioneer in new technologies matter on the art market. Indeed, in the beginning of 2019, its was the first auction house to provide , a 5D artwork visualization system, in using the Artmyn scanner.

Tajan is a historical auction house was has always been a forerunner on the artmarket. In mixing tradition and modernity, we position ourselves as luxury boutique , with personalized support and flawless responsiveness to our customers. While we have been offering Live auction sales, Online-only sales and timed sales, an online store and a gallery activity for several years now, (The Gallery), it seemed essential to us to apply the digital transition to our valuations services.

The application TAJAN ART VALUATIONS is now available in free download on the Apple Store.