Books and Manuscripts May 2017

Books and Manuscripts : Literature and historical figures at auction


Tajan will organize on May 17, 2017 a new auction dedicated to an amazing set of Books, autographs, manuscripts including famous names of literature, historical figures, musicians, artist and scientist. 

The auction counts around 200 lots and presents a real opportunity to find rare manuscripts, signed letters, poems and original editions as well. Therefore, history and literature enthusiasts will be totally seduced. 

Among the masterpieces of this auction, there will be a rare model of the original edition of Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire (lot 52). It represents one of the 53 copies containing an autograph sent to Jacques Leman, young painter who has illustrated Victor Hugo and Molière. 

Then, we will please to present an exceptional signed manuscript of Alfred de Vigny (lot 120). This is a set with a first version of La Femme Adultère, a youth poem written in 1819 which contains numerous corrections and two prose sheets. 


Charles Baudelaire (lot 52) - Alfred de Vigny (lot 120) - Pablo Picasso (lot 198) 

In addition, collectors will be pleased to discover some of the works and manuscripts of celebrities, including a photo portrait and a letter from Oscar Wilde (lot 121), a letter from the future empress Joséphine de Beauharnais (lot 129), an illustrated letter written by Auguste Rodin (lot 209) and finally some manuscripts of Albert Einstein (lot 150), Louis XVI (lot 135), Pablo Picasso (lot 198) and Marie-Curie (lot 151).

At last, music lovers will be conquered by the musical correspondence of the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok (lot 159) and the handsome autograph music manuscript by Jules Massenet (lot 167).  


Auguste Rodin (lot 209) - Jules Massenet (lot 167)