Ivan-Konstantinovich Aivazovsky 1817-1900






John-William Waterhouse 1849-1917

Islamic Art and Orientalist Paintings


[05 December 2005] — 24 November 2005, Espace Tajan

Once again, Tajan’s Islamic Art and Orientalist Painting sale held on November 24h at the Espace Tajan, brought together bidders from around the world. The sale totaled about 3 millions euros (*€2 945 000, to be exact) with 75% of the lots sold at a value of 86%.


Jean-Joseph Benjamin Constant 1845-1902

Moroccan buyers competed for objects from their native country such as ceramic pieces from Fès, weapons and orientalist paintings. In particular three canvases by Jacques Majorelle (lot 249) obtained €117 156 and €28 364 for lots 250 and 196 in addition to €196 418 for lot 251. The painting by Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant « Marchand de tapis à Tanger » (lot 263) went for €533 454 after fierce bidding between 6 telephones as well as bidders present in the room.

Clients from the United States, Great Britain, Turkey, Lebanon and the Arabian peninsula contended for the Salomon Corrodi painting (lot 264), « Le pont de Galata au crépuscule, avec la mosquée Yeni Valide Djami, Constantinople » which finally sold to a British client for €400 431.

Hermann-David-Salomon Corrodi 1844-1905


Much interest was shown in the Ivan-Konstantinovich Aivazovsky painting (lot 265) entitled, « Constantinople ». The room was very active with the participation of seven international telephone bidders (Russian, Turks, and British). A Russian client won the bidding at €376 245.

The remarkable pre-Raphaelite painting by John-William Waterhouse (lot 266), which caused quite a stir among the British collections obtained €243 222.

Greek collectors made a bit of noise with the purchase of two pairs of important vases decorated with scenes of the Greece independence with a final result of €13 565 (for lot 125) and €14 799 (for lot 126). Finally, the philhellenic Choisy plates sold for €7 399.

The Turks battled against the Iranians, the British, and the Greeks to walk away with a rare square of Iznik facade dating from the 1580’s for a sum of €14 799 (lot 87) and the following lot which regrouped a collection of six Iznik tiles dating from the 1560’s sold for €83 859, almost triple its estimate.

Ensemble de 6 carreaux de revêtements Ottomans


Works from Iran sold well with several noteworthy results such as a Safavide plate (lot 100) from the XVII century which was estimated at €5 000 - €6 000 and sold for €19 732 and a Safavide bottle with a large missing section which reached €7 399.

Two Qajar trays, lots 102 and 103, obtain respective prices of €4 686 and €3 946.

Three miniatures, lots 140, 141 and 142, sold for €19 732, €7 399 and €10 482. A miniature mogol from the XVII century (lot 144) sold for €5 549.

Glass pieces, textiles, and metal works sold well in general.

The huge interest obtained from an international clientele is memorable for this sale which brought together a select concentration of objects and paintings of rare quality.


* Prices are inclusive of taxes and Buyer's Premium

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