23 MAY 2018, 6 pm I Espace Tajan Paris, France

Tajan presents the “Dr. Fischer’s eclectic collection” auction, a world traveler and art lover’s managed to built an exceptional and unexpected art range, in the most diverse areas. The catalogue will especially include a lot of decorative arts pieces, whose beautiful Chiparus’ bronzes and an incredible collection of watches

Watches lot 48 - lot 118  /  Jean Dunand, La moisson, lot 158

Born in Austria in the early fifties, Georg Fischer became an engineer after brilliant studies and was always guided by his passion for life and success. His natural curiosity led him towards the discovery of earth resources, focusing on the drilling and exploration of oil, gas and diamonds, among other natural treasures. Due to his great determination and inventiveness, Doctor Fischer traveled the planet in the search of sites and findings, from the exploration of the North Pole on board of a Russian ice-breaker up to his discovery of the South Pole. The collection presented here is a reflection of the outstanding personality of this man and the richness of his experiences.

Among our selection, we will present a "Van Beuningen" dressing table, created circa 1931, by Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann (1879-1933). An exceptional piece by an innovative cabinetmaker who perfectly combined the ideas of French decorative arts of the past centuries with a great sense of modernity, balanced between subtlety and geometry.

This exciting collection also features five works by Demeter Chiparus (1886-1947), including “Les Girls”, a rare chryselephantine red patinated bronze sculpture, whose aesthetic is a typical expression of Art déco. Chiparus’ dancers, through their gowns and attitudes, provide a fascinating testimony of the artistic blooming of this period.

Furthermore, Doctor Fischer’s collection conceals world maps, caravels and other books associated with travel. His taste for what is precious extends to the sumptuous jewelry, furs and other precious ornaments offered to his wife. As for himself, Doctor Fischer developed over the years an incredible collection of watches, clearly showing his particular affection for mechanisms and accuracy, like with this Patek Philippe watch, Quantième Annuel ref. 5205G, sold in 2011.

Eclectic collection of Dr. Fisher, 23 May 2018, 6pm, Espace Tajan & online