Ivo Fabbri is with guns what Stradivarius is with the violin ! Considered to be one of the 10 largest hunting arms companies in the world, every Fabbri gun is an unique piece, incredibly beautiful and remarkably reliable; features that make it one of the most expensive guns in the world.

On October 10th, during the Furniture and Decorative Art sale, Tajan will present a set of five Fabbri shotguns, caliber 12.70, forming “quintuplette”. These arms, almost identical, each have a gold number from 1 to 5. In mint condition, these five pieces will be offered to guns’ lovers for an estimate from 150 000 to 200 000 €.

Ivo Fabbri begins his career with Daniel Perazzi, the famous gunmaker specialized in competition arms. In 1964, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Ennio Matarelli won the gold medal with a Fabbri-Perazzi MX8 model, which has since become a legendary rifle. Then, Fabbri has as client more important and famous people, such as Tom Sellect, Steven Spielberg, Eric Clapton, Tom Siebel or Francis Ford Coppola, and Juan Carlos, the King of Spanish. Ivo Fabbri makes only thirty rifles a year, all superimposed, made to measure. For each arm, he calls on to the best Italian master engravers, like Pedersoli, Pedretti, Galeazzi, Fracassi ... In this way, each future buyers will wait nearly four years.

The Fabbri workshops are like a NASA laboratory: sophisticated machines mix with the best craftsmen gunsmiths. Fabbri uses stainless steel, then titanium or laser welding : so many innovations, continually seeking to improve hunting guns. As in haute-couture, the buyers are invited to try-on sessions to fine-tune their settings and finishes. Today, Ivo is semi-retired, and it's Tullio, Ivo’s son, who runs the company.

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