The library of the surrealist writer Jean Carrive

The library of the surrealist writer and poet Jean Carrive

As part of its sale of drawings which will take place November 17, 2016, Tajan auction house will offer 115 lots from The Library of the surrealist writer Jean Carrive.

An important rediscovery for the market for Surrealist books, documents and autographs, among others this dispersion reveals a unique set of 16 letters between Jean Carrive and André Breton, from 1923 to 1933, reflecting the friendship between the two men. In this sale there are also letters by Robert Desnos, Monny deBoully, Pierre Emmanuel, and Jean Pauhlan, as well as manuscripts and typescripts by Carrive about his work of translating and analysing Kafka's works, for which he was one of the main translators. The session will also feature a drawing by Pierre Klossowski of his faithful friend, "Portrait of Jean Carrive", and a rare drawing of his famous brother Balthus.

The last part of the sale is devoted to books, some of which have dedications.  One of the most remarkable of this part is lot No. 501 of the sale: "The Surrealist Revolution". This unique object brings together important Surrealist documents, leaflets and magazines that marked the history of the movement, some with handwritten dedications or inscriptions.

Jean Carrive (1905- 1963)

Born into a modest Protestant family, Jean Carrive early expressed a deep love of, and unusual predilection for, literature. At the age of 15, he wrote to André Breton who fascinated him, and the latter realized this boy was an exceptional being. He invited him to Paris in 1923 and the following year included him in the 19 disciples of the Surrealist Manifesto that "performed acts of absolute Surrealism": alongside Aragon, Crevel, Desnos, Soupault, etc.

The Jean Carrive's surrealist Library auction, November 17, 2016.

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