MOA 10 octobre

On October 10th at 4:30pm, Tajan auction house will be hosting a new Furniture & Decorative arts auction ranging from antiquity to the 19th century. A rich and eclectic sale, which will take place at Espace Tajan, 37 rue des Mathurins and on the Live platform

This first sale of the second semester is an exceptional treat for collectors and art lovers. Our outstanding department for Furniture & Decorative arts entices us, with a selection of over 300 pieces, to (re)discover the exceptional know-how of European craftsmen throughout the centuries. The workmanship of materials, notably, earthenware, bronze, ivory and wood is beautifully represented by exceptional pieces, such as a Louis XIV Mazarin desk, accredited to Nicolas Sageot (lot 162), or some 17th century Nevers faience flasks (lots 23-24).

Included amongst the principal pieces of this auction are a rare pair of armchairs “à la Reine”, accredited to Jean-Baptiste III Lelarge, very possibly from the royal castle of Choisy, as well as a sublime panel of earthenware tiles by Hyppolite Boulenger, depicting two flamingos in an exotic landscape, witnessing the history of the pottery factory of Choisy. Many more famous names of the nineteenth will also be noted this October 10th: the bronze-carpenter Carrier-Belleuse (lot 274), Jean-Jacques Werner or even Louis-Edouard Lemarchand.


Collectors of tribal and Pre-Columbian art will not find the auction to be lacking. At the end of the sale, around forty of our pieces will focus on ancient civilizations, and amongst our pieces on offer is a very beautiful Egyptian statuette, representing the falcon Akhem (lot 322).


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