On The Silk Road : Online Auction from May 15 to 30


The journey along the Silk Road will begin on the morning of May 15 and end in the evening on May 30. Meet on the way the most emblematic silk designers: Canova, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Guerlain, Patou, as well as the unique Hermès, protector of travelers and merchants. In his wake, you will be charmed by his iconic squares “Jonques and Sampas”, “Vessels and Frigates”, which travel the seas with the “Carrying Wind” to the “Creole Gardens” and the “Caribbean”. Illustrating the dialogue between the artist and the material, the “Mémoire d’Hermès” and its savoir-faire will be at the heart of this expedition.

Along the road, you will also encounter foxes, partridges and even a mysterious “Sea Dragon”. The equine world, the very essence of Hermès, will mark out your route through the races – “Jumping”, “Trotting” – in the heart of the “Royal Park” where the “Turkish horses” are displayed. To the rhythm of frenzied gallops, a maze of bits, stirrups and “gala bridles” will be among the most emblematic designs of Hermès.

The “Keys” will open all the doors and the secrets they protect. Finally, from a “Flower Balloon”, under the watchful eye of herons, discover the fauna and flora imagined by Christian Dior: bamboos, columbines and stylised lilies.

Wellendorff, Chopard, Cartier and its “Must”: the greatest jewelers will also invite themselves to the stay. Time will be punctuated by numerous distinguished guests such as Rolex, Jaeger Lecoultre, Omega, Breguet, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Breitling.

Whatever its shape or color, silk invites everyone to this journey, through eras, styles and collections. Embark with Tajan until May 30 and bring back the souvenir that will enhance your silhouette this spring and summer.






“On The Silk Road : Hermès, Chanel & others”
Online auction from 15 to 30 May 2023


Louise de Causans – Auctioneer
Manager of the Fashion, Luxury & Vintage Department
+33 1 53 30 30 32 – [email protected]