Round-Table Discussion “Made in China”: A Global History Written by Chinese Ceramics



Round-Table Discussion

“Made in China”: A Global History Written by Chinese Ceramics

 June 9 at 7pm at Tajan



The Department of Asian Art with the French Association of Friends of the Orient, invites you to a round-table discussion during the Asian week. Not only do we wish to introduce you to exceptional collections of Asian art, but also to exchange and learn more about the history and influence of this ancient art by appreciating rare and precious items of Chinese ceramics. This event will be a unique opportunity to share and enrich our knowledge and passion for Asian art.



Did you know that the name “China”, which refers to the country, is also the name of porcelain in English? This shows the importance of this art in Chinese culture and in the world. Chinese porcelain is a precious and renowned art with a long history and great cultural significance in China. For thousands of years, Chinese porcelain has been considered one of the most refined forms of tableware and decoration. It represents the sophistication, beauty and excellence of Chinese art and craftsmanship. Long kept as a secret of the Far East, Chinese porcelain has been highly valued in all corners of the world for centuries for its beauty, finesse and unique aesthetics. Kings, aristocrats, merchants, artists and collectors from different countries and eras have been fascinated by Chinese ceramics, resulting in an important cultural transfer from China to the rest of the world.

On the occasion of the Asian Arts auction on June 12, 2023 and as part of the “Printemps Asiatique”, Tajan Auction House is pleased to invite you to a round table discussion entitled “Made in China”: A global history written by Chinese ceramics. It will be moderated by our specialist in Asian Art, Dr. Wei Wang, and Mr. Arnaud Bertrand, archaeologist and sinologist, Executive Director of the French Association of Friends of the Orient. We are happy to welcome four eminent experts to discuss this fascinating theme. We will delve into the artistic, historical and cultural exchanges between China and other countries, as well as the transfer of know-how and techniques of ceramic production.



Valentina Bruccoleri, PhD in Chinese Art History and co-curator of the exhibition “Gold and Treasures, 3,000 Years of Chinese Ornaments” at the School of Jewelry Arts, will share her knowledge on the production, distribution and reception of Chinese ceramics between the 13th and 15th centuries and its influence on the Iranian culture.

Martin Meyer, lecturer at the University of Franche-Comté, is an experienced speaker in the conferences on Chinese ceramics and bronze organised by the Chinese school of Besançon. He will talk about the cultural and artistic exchanges between China and Europe through ceramics.

Yongsong Zheng, PhD. in Chinese Art History and currently a research fellow at INHA, will share his research on Chinese whiteware from the Yuan to the Qing (13th-20th centuries) and the evolution of this famous white porcelain in China.

Monique Crick, art historian and expert on Chinese ceramics, founding president of the Société Française d’Etudes de la Céramique Orientale (SFECO), director of the Fondation Baur, Musée des Arts d’Extrême-Orient, in Geneva, will discuss collecting trends and aesthetic influences in Chinese ceramics.



Friday, June 9, 2023

– 6pm CEST
Visit of the exhibition of the Arts of Asia sale organized by Dr. Wei Wang


– 7 – 8:30pm CEST
Round Table discussion: “Made in China”: A global history written by Chinese ceramics



TAJAN auction house
37 rue des Mathurins
75008 Paris


Limited number of tickets, please make a reservation at [email protected]








in porcelain and doucai enamels finely decorated with four medallions of chrysanthemum flowers and foliage, the decoration completed by blooming lotus flowers.
China, Yongzheng mark and period, 18th century.

20 000 / 25 000 €




in porcelain and polychrome enamels in the famille rose style resting on a turquoise background finely decorated with nine five-clawed dragons moving among stylized flames and foaming waves.
Apocryphal mark of the Qianlong emperor on the base.
China, Republic period.

5 000 / 7 000 €





in white porcelain decorated in grisaille and gold, in reserves of foliage, battle scenes and architectural views. The inner wall is decorated with a frieze of foliage and flowers around the rim, and two peony flowers in the center.
China, Compagnie des Indes, 18th century.

800 / 1 200 €




in white terracotta with three colors glaze called “sancai”, green, cream and caramel.
The rider accompanied by a thermoluminescence test “Ralf Kotalla” of May 10, 2005.
China, Tang period (618-907 AD).

3 000 / 5 000 €





Asian Art Sale

Monday 12 June 2023 at 2 pm CEST



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