30 years of history and unique moments

For more than thirty years, Tajan has been the unmissable event for art collectors and art lovers. Today, with more than sixty auctions a year, a collection of many records and a regional and international development, Tajan is amongst the biggest French auction sales houses.

We organize whole collections auction sales and thematic auctions. This generalist position allows us to cover over twenty art market specialties. Our expertise is recognized in many fields, such as Decorative Arts from the 20th century, Design, 1850-1950 Sculpture, Jewelry and Watches, Modern Art, Paintings and Old Drawings, the Haute Epoque and Ceramic, Aisian and Eastern Arts…

Meanwhile, Tajan was one of the first auction sales houses to take up the challenge of more specific and detailed auctions, which helped our reputation grow. This is notably the case for our Comic Book, Russian Art, Wines and Spirits, Street Art and now Luxury and Vintage auctions.

TAJAN stands out with its international management methods, which offer customers an unequalled responsiveness and flexibility on the market, and with its voluntary approach for supporting the art market through events held every year in its Espace: “L’Artiste et ceux qui le soutiennent” (The Artist and those supporting them”), “Art et Design sans frontières” (Art and Design without borders)…

À propos de Tajan enchères

Global and digital presence

For many years, Tajan has strengthened its global presence. Thanks to the opening of its online auction platform and organization of 100% digital, wider public auction sales, the auction house positions itself as one of the most dynamic players on the online art market. These developments allow us to spread our auctions in more than 110 countries to buyers from over fifty different nationalities (2009 census). This development is stronger thanks to an office network and correspondent network through Europe. See our addresses.

Lastest creation

Tajan has made it a point of honor to promote the new generation of artists, mostly influenced by our president Rodica Seward. Thus, through ArtStudio exhibitions and private sales, Tajan offers several times a year cultural events, in order to highlight new design and Contemporary Art talents.