How to Buy at Auction?

Whether you’re new or an insider, the Tajan Study offers different ways of participating in our auction sales. You can be on-site, behind a computer or even unavailable while on vacation. You want to position yourself on a lot? Offer an auction? Living the Live experience and bid in real time? Here are the different services that allow participating in Tajan auctions:


When you enter a fixed order, you let the auctioneer know, before the sale, that you want to offer a set amount on a work. A maximum set amount that will be taken into account by the auctioneer during the sale. This solution allows you to participate in a session, even if you’re not available at the time of the sale, and then, to manage your bids, without taking any risk.

Two solutions to submit your orders:

Download the set order deposit form. Please return the filled and signed form through mail or email ([email protected]), at the latest 48 hours before the auction opens.

Submit a set order online, on Tajan website. In order to submit a set order on one or several lots, check out the sale catalogue. In the sheet of the lot you’d like to buy, click the “Submit an order” link. You can thus directly indicate your amount on the lot. To use this service, please create a client account on Tajan website beforehand. Every submitted order is recorded by our services and approved as soon as possible. Please also note that every new bidder will have to give us their personal information and detailed bank info.


The Espace Tajan hosts auctions several times a month under the Art Deco skylight at 37, rue des Mathurins in Paris. These auctions are open to the public and accessible by everyone, whether you just want to attend it or participate.


You can’t attend the auction in Paris yet you’re interested in it? Our team can get you a dedicated contact, on one or several lots, who will represent you on-site during the auction. On the line with them, you’ll have the opportunity to follow the auction live and bid as much as you want through this person. To request a phone on an upcoming auction, you can:

Check out the catalogue of upcoming sales

Contact the department in question by phone or email


The Tajan Study offers a digital platform, allowing you to follow live video of different auctions and bid in real-time from your computer.

All the Tajan sales are broadcast live and offer the possibility to remotely participate in sales.

Tajan also offers online and live only auctions, called T-Live. To check out the digital-only T-Live sales calendar, click here.

How do I register to a Live sale and bid in real-time:

a. Create an account on website or login.

b. In the “Sales” menu, select “Tajan online”

c. On the Live interface, chose the auction you’re interested in and click the “Register to auction” (the operation is to renew for each sale)

d. Fill in all obligatory fields, as well as your bank info.

e. Accept the general terms and conditions and confirm. You will receive an email confirming your registration, including all info about the sale as well as the possibility to remove the maximum set on your Live auctions (automatically limited at €2,000 per sale, excluding buyer fees).

f. On the day of the auction, log in to the website a few minutes before the beginning, and go back to the “Tajan Online” section. On the auction page, click the “Bid” button; you will then get to the Live interface, with video support and the possibility to bid directly on each lot. Please note that video usually takes a few minutes to start. To make the Live experience better, we discourage you to bid on mobile tablets.

We also invite you to check out the iconography of the Live experience through this link.

You’re having trouble when registering? Contact the Live team at +33 1 53 30 30 80 / +33 1 53 30 30 24


In addition to the hammer price, the buyer must pay Tajan a purchase commission of 26% of the hammer price up to €500,000, 21% of the hammer price from €500,001 to €3,000,000 and 14% of the hammer price above €3,000,000, plus VAT at a rate of 20% and 5.5% for books.

Items originating from a country outside the European Union shall be marked with the symbol ƒ and ƒƒ.
ƒ: In addition to the regular buyer’s premium, a commission of 5.5 % (6.60% incl. of vat) will be charged to the buyer.
ƒƒ: In addition to the regular buyer’s premium, a commission of 20 % (i.e., 24 % incl. VAT) will be charged to the buyer.

These additional costs may, in certain cases, be reimbursed to the buyer. For foreign buyers that can justify of exportation out of CEE for their goods, VAT can be refunded under certain conditions. You can get more info at the Checkout department +33 1 53 30 30 33.

Do you have questions about the rules or transport of your new works of art? Don’t hesitate to check out our General terms and conditions of sale.