Each year, Tajan highlights artists’ artworks from the XXth century Decorative arts and Design through its sales of furniture, works of art, tapestry, carpets, lightings and ceramics.

Tajan is a pioneer in this specialty, therefore the department is particularly focused to defend in its four annual sales the major XXth century stylistic movements and their most famous artists :

-Jacques Majorelle, Emile Gallé, Daum, Auguste Delaherche, Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat, Ernest Chapelet for the Art Nouveau

-André Groult, Marcel Coard, Jean Dunand, Émile Jacques Ruhlmann, Armand Albert Rateau for the Art Deco

-René Herbst, Mallet Stevens, Jean-Michel Frank, Pierre Chareau, Eugène Printz for the Modernism

-Gilbert Poillerat, Paul Dupré Lafon, André Arbus for the 40s

-Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Paulin, Pierre Guariche, Serge Mouille, Max Ingrand, Mathieu Matégot, Georges Jouve, Line Vautrin, Jean Derval for the 50s

-Yonel Lebovici, Garouste et Bonetti, André Dubreuil, Ron Arad, Martin Székély, André Borderie for the contemporary period

Through the years, Design became Tajan’s most valued specialty and largely prevails sales. Rich of its variety of nationalities – Scandinavian, American, Italian or Bresilian – Design is presented through specific thematic events and dedicated sales.

Among the successful sales conducted by the department since its creation, we have the following collections :  Collection Alain Lesieutre, Collection de mobilier d’Armand-Albert Rateau, Collection de mobilier d’Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, « Collection d’un Amateur », Collection des Années 1950, Collection “French Ceramic” and Collection « Hélène Greiner, un parcours artistique ».

The success of these sales inherent to the department’s expertise and its global reach, positioned Tajan among the major actors of the art market attracting an eclectic clientele, essentially international. In 2021, its dynamism was confirmed with its 37% increased sales revenue compared to the last two years, with a result of 5 126 000 €.

We are pleased to welcome you at Espace Tajan, a beautiful exhibition space from the Art Deco era, to provide you with the most tailored service, from the valuation of your pieces to their sale.



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