Our Department Prints I Limited Edition holds several sales per year in collaboration with its prints expert, Sylvie Collignon . Our catalogs include works by French and foreign artists , ancient, modern and contemporary ( Mucha, Toulouse -Lautrec , Gauguin, Bonnard , Picasso, Matisse , Chagall, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, Zao Wou Ki Jim Dine, Jasper Johns , Pierre Soulages, Russell Young, Damien Hirst …).

Limited editions correspond to a new approach of art; signed and numbered by grand artists, these works attract more and more amateurs and collectors. Initially used in books editions to provide a guarantee of limited numbers of the work, the practice of limited editions spread to numerous domains such as prints, ceramics, design and artist jewelry…Objects or editions carrying the signatures of artists as diverse as Marcel Duchamp, Jeff Koons, François-Xavier Lalanne, Pol Bury. In September 2017, Tajan invite you to a new annual auction called “Limited Edition”, organized by Eva Palazuelos, with our Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Decorative Art & Design ‘s specialists.

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François-Xavier Lalanne / 26 776€

Pablo Picasso / 49 200€

Pol Bury / 33 150€