The furniture and objects of art from the Haute Epoque period through the end of the 19th century awaits you in our auctions.

Our sales disperse art objects including Icons, Ivories, Silver, Ceramics, Tapestries, the wonders of Natural History. Our catalogs are a showcase for the antique furniture from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, presenting the wealth creation. We present several type of works like medieval chests, Renaissance cabinets, secretaries, libraries,…

Some are decorated with precious wood veneers (mahogany, amaranth, etc.), ornaments of bronze or marble tops. Seats, chairs, armchairs, sofas and chairs complement your interiors, while consoles, pedestal tables and corners provide the finishing touch to your interior. The furniture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is among others to the heart of these sales, particularly with the inevitable Louis XV commode, but if the rococo style is not to your taste, you will find no difficulty antique furniture and style transition and Louis XVI, Directoire, Empire, Louis Philippe, Napoleon III, as well as all interpretations of the nineteenth century, neo-Gothic-inspired furniture,…

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Venitian School Firedogs / 326 000€

Vermeil Ewer / 80 480€

Set by Lemarchand / 72 800€





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