The East has passionate & the East still fascinate…

The Arts of Islam and more generally in the Middle East and Mediterranean cultures are showcased in sales where the pieces Medieval confront those of more recent times. On Persian origin, Turkish, Indian, Greek, Caucasian, Syria, or North Africa, these testimonies from great civilizations can integrate your collections: ceramics, glass, metals, weapons, miniatures, manuscripts, furniture or items furniture … are available to get to the heart of these ancient cultures.

Interest in the exotic, and the idealized visions, imaginary or realistic of the Arab world have in fact motivated many productions of the eighteenth to twentieth centuries. Many artists, who traveled in the East or not, represent, interpret, or idealize some major themes that fascinate their time. Although women and harems are reserved matters, warriors and horses represented in fiery movement, landscapes transcribing brightness and vibrant local color so particular in North Africa, or the scenes of daily life reflecting the soul of their models inspire artists.

Works by Jacques Majorelle, Jose Cruz-Herrera, Felix Ziem, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Alexander Roubtzoff Marie Aimé Lucas-Robiquet Edy-Legrand, or Etienne Dinet … remain the most popular.

The Tajan catalogs do not forget the artists of the twenty-first century, mostly from North Africa and more specifically in Morocco, such as Hassan El Glaoui, Mohammed bin Ali R’bati, Belkahia Farid Ahmed Cherkaoui, Jilali Gharbaoui or Talal Chaïbia .

The Tajan team, assisted by experts, Ladies and Linda Nataf Goldmann-Laure Soustiel gives you an appointment in 2016 to four new shifts.

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Jacques Majorelle / 192 080€

Rudolf Ernst / 102 800€

Alexandre Roubtzoff / 78 000€