ART IN SPACE : OCTOBER 15-22, 2022

As it has become our annual tradition during the time of Fiac in Paris and now Paris+ by Art Basel, it is our pleasure and honor to host again at Tajan The Gallery a special exhibition dedicated to Art and Design without Borders.

This year, starting October 14, we will highlight a carefully selected group of works by talented, well-known artists such as Frank Tjepkema, Xaveer Claerhout, Barbara Van Biervliet and Adriaan Claerhout, István Nádler and Rodolfo Oviedo Vega.


István Nádler - Untitled I –II – III, 1979 - Huile sur toile, triptyque - 240 x 200cm - Courtesy of the artist and Kisterem Gallery


Frank Tjepkema, a prominent Dutch designer based in Amsterdam, who started his award winning design agency Tjep in 2001, works in a broad variety of disciplines, including sculpture, architecture, interior and product design and jewellery.

Xaveer Claerhout, Barbara Van Biervliet and Adriaan Claerhout continue their collaboration with Tajan The Gallery and we are now delighted to be the first to unveil their most recent kinetic works and sculptures.

István Nádler, one of the most significant representatives of the Post-War Hungarian avant-garde movement, presents this year at Tajan The Gallery a group of very powerful paintings. Nádler’s art is pure floating geometry which he sets in motion, shifts and tilts, bringing to a new level the Malevitchian gesture.

Rodolfo Oviedo Vega is one of the most promising young artists of Salvador. His participation at Tajan The Gallery is his very first major exhibition in Paris. Artist, designer, architect, he wonders around the world in quest of new stories. His acrylic and neon painted canvases demonstrate a strong and unique personality.


Frank Tjepkema

Frank Tjepkema - Chrysalide Chair 
- Bronze et Alcantara - 
Édition 1/1
 - 84,1x91,6x60,2cm


On the occasion of the international Paris+ by Art Basel week, we invite all art and design enthusiasts to discover our new exhibition at Tajan The Gallery: ART IN SPACE. Please refer to our catalog for further information.