Artmyn 5D art scanning

Tajan is First Auction House to Install Artmyn 5D Art Scanning in Exclusive Partnership with Invaluable

Unparalleled image resolution revolutionizes how art is experienced and sold at auction.


Esteemed French auction house Tajan is the first to install permanent Artmyn 5D art scanning technology through an exclusive partnership with Invaluable that dramatically changes how art is experienced, sold and protected.

“The Artmyn scanner is now in operation at Tajan’s Paris headquarters” said Tajan CEO Rodica Seward. “Some 30 pieces being offered in our Contemporary, Modern, and Old Master Paintings sales in November and December have been scanned utilizing this cutting-edge technology. Online bidders will be able to experience and interact with a ‘digital twin’ of the artwork as if the original was in their own hands.”

Invaluable CEO Rob Weisberg said : “We provided the Artmyn scanner to Tajan – at no cost to the auction house – as the first step in irreversibly changing how fine art is promoted and sold at auction.” The interactive files and immersive videos are now available to millions of passionate art buyers around the world exclusively on Invaluable, the world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles.

Alexandre Catsicas, co-founder and CEO of Artmyn, said the scanning process generates a 5D interactive file in visible light, U.V and soon infrared spectrum, as well as immersive videoscontaining more than 1.5 billion pixels. “This gives art owners, consigners, buyers and auction houses unparalled views and feelings of texture for each scanned work,” he said. A select number of lots in the Tajan sales include guided video tours in French and English.

“Tajan is a pioneer in the auction industry by fully adopting this technology and by offering a new generation of eCatalogues that showcase all these features,” said Weisberg.

Invaluable and Artmyn entered into an exclusive partnership in August, aimed at improving the art buying experience and increasing transparency and buyer confidence in the online market. Weisberg said Invaluable will be offering Artmyn scanners – at no charge – to many more of itsauction house partners in coming months.

“We’re revolutionizing the auction industry,” said Weisberg. “We’ve combined Tajan’s historic strength and expertise, Artmyn’s breakthrough scanning that reveals details of artworks otherwise unseen by the human eye, and Invaluable’s ability to deliver those interactive experiences to millions of collectors worldwide – inviting them to join the auction digitally, as if they were on the auction floor.”

Catsicas said the scanning process reveals the signature elements of an artwork, such as texture, topography, properties of color and levels of reflection. “The scan safely captures specific features – the ‘DNA’ of the artwork – and then generates the first-ever Biometric Passport that remain with the artwork forever and allow owners and interested buyers to monitor the condition of artworks. Scanned artworks are becoming unfalsifiable,” he added.

Weisberg added, “Our auction house partners now have a unique way to promote their sales. Consigners will solely choose auction houses with Artmyn scanners in conjunction withInvaluable’s global reach to obtain the highest value for their pieces, while buyers will get individualized, highly-secure ‘digital fingerprints’ that remains with the artwork over its lifetime and guarantees provenance.”

Tajan, Invaluable and Artmyn will also offer access to this scanner to selected cultural institutions wishing to apply this technology to their collections.