From April 24, 2024, Tajan The Gallery will be hosting its new exhibition entitled “Perpetual Discovery“, devoted to the work of the artist Enzo Meglio.



“La résolution de Juliana”
Oil on paper mounted on panel,
14 9/16 x 18 57/64 in.


“There, in the Studebaker whose engine was still running, the three dimes of the R.M.S. allowed him to compose a hexagram”

 The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick, 1962.


In the final third of Philip K. Dick’s novel, the character of Juliana seems to fly over reality. She has nonchalantly fled a crime scene and now relies on a method of divination to decide her actions. The I Ching book refers her to chapter 43, a number obtained from the tossing of three coins determining a complex calculation. Here she can read verses that will determine the rest of the story:

“Resolutely manifest in the King’s court
Loved to shout
There is danger
Warn his own fief
Not profitable to resort to arms
Profitable to have somewhere to go”.


Bibliographical sources:
The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick, 1962.
Le Yi Jing, Pratique et interprétation pour la vie quotidienne, Arlette de Beaucorps et Dominique Bonpaix, 2010.


From April 24, 2024
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