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Thursday 16 May 2024


François Décorchemont (1880-1971), a master glassmaker and son of the sculptor Louis-Emile Décorchemont, began his career as a painter and turned to the art of glassmaking after starting out as a ceramist with Dammouse. He studied at the École nationale des arts décoratifs in Paris, and went on to create a number of objects in fine, opaque glass paste. From 1909, François Décorchemont devoted himself to developing and mastering his new technique, thick glass paste. He experimented with a moulding process derived from lost-wax bronze casting, from which he hoped to obtain a thicker, translucent material.

In 1912, the master glassmaker used both techniques simultaneously, creating new models as well as transposing into thick glass paste models initially made in thin glass paste. The originality of his approach has not escaped the attention of critics and audiences alike. Almost all the models exhibited in 1913 at the Salon des artistes décorateurs (22 February-31 March), the Salon des artistes français (April) and the Salon d’automne (15 November-30 December) found buyers.

The soft yellow translucency of our piece is the result of a composition that is probably very low in oxide. The only break in this soft tone is a veined motif in shades of violet. The artist’s name is inscribed in a shell, the symbol of Conches, his home town. Here, the stamp is recessed into the lower part of the body of the piece.


François-Emile DÉCORCHEMONT (1880-1971)
Bowl with five rosettes, Model 25
Bowl in white, translucent and mauve pâte de verre decorated with five rosettes in relief.
Created in 1913 and sold until 1920. 26 examples. 25 engraved under the base
Decorchemont circular stamp engraved on the body.
Haut. : 8,3 cm – Diam. : 10,2 cm
1000 – 1500 €

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