THE GRADUATES & CHANGE from October 13 2023 onwards

As it has become our annual custom, it is my pleasure and true joy to host at Tajan The Gallery during the time of Paris+ by Art Basel special exhibitions dedicated to promising young artists and established ones.

My team and I are honoured to present this October two parallel exhibitions : “The Graduates” and “Change”.

The Graduates”, an exhibition dedicated to two recent Beaux Art graduates, Yanma Fofana and Enzo Meglio, who in my opinion fully understand the rich emotions and intellectual questioning that could be conveyed through the medium of painting.

Yanma Fofana focuses her work on her family’s and close relations’ Ivory Coast background and customs. Her brushstrokes convey the artist’s own experiences and memories blended with the family’s preserved material. Yanma’s deep admiration and great appreciation of the big masters such as Matisse are fully assimilated and translated into her own culture and expressed through very personal painterly images.

Enzo Meglio’s work is truly intellectual and expresses richly a deep literary interest and erudition. Each painting is inspired and strongly anchored in history and literature reflecting a story or historical moment that the artist was particularly touched by. His masterly contrasting brushstrokes bring modernity to these older stories and historical moments. I invite you all to read Enzo’s comments associated with each one of his paintings and you will be delighted to discover the exceptional mesmerising painterly interpretation.

I invite you again this October 2023, all you passionate art and design lovers, coming to Paris from all over the world, to visit us at Tajan The Gallery to discover and enjoy the miraculous pleasure of creation.




Yanma FOFANA, DOUDOU BLEU, 2023, oil on canvas, 35 x 45 5/8 in.



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