The philatelic work of the master engraver Albert Decaris

The philatelic work of Albert DECARIS (1901-1988)

April 25th, Tajan’s department of Prints will scatter at auction an exceptional ensemble of philatelic works realized by Albert Decaris, one of the most important French master-engraver of the 20th century.

Born in 1901, Albert Decaris forms in the graphic arts at the Ecole Estienne and then at the Fine Arts School of Paris. At the age of 18, he obtains the Grand Prix of Rome of engraving for his work “Eve avant le péché” (lot 81). Requested by the Ministry of Post in the 1930’s, he starts drawing and engraving stamps destined to the French posts. He will realize about six hundred stamps in 50 years. 

This sale event will be presenting 92 lots in total and will be rhymed in three parts. In first place the Postal Stamps followed by the Illustrated Books by Decaris and finally his Non- Philatelic works

Concerning the postal stamps we will have the pleasure to present an ensemble of artist’s proofs stamps from the airmail commemorative series “Anniversaire de la Victoire (1946)” reunited in a binding numbered 5/30 (lot 53). We can also retain a magnificent drawing by Jean Cocteau representing Marianne’s profile (lot 11). A drawing picked up by Albert Decaris for his famous stamp “Marianne de Cocteau” (lots 12 to 16).

The part concerning illustrated books and non-philatelic works will also present very beautiful pieces, often rare, like an amusing ensemble of 28 engravings realized in 1988, shortly before his death, to celebrate the Centennial of the Eiffel Tower (lot 85).

Postal stamps auction/ Albert Decaris, April 25, 2017, 2pm